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the Tyskotian nfts are the membership cards to all upcoming PlanetVerse projects.

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The Tyskos race was a proud race of scientists and geneticists who was driven off world by their scientific perfectionism eventually destroying their planet when a toxic form of life called driblet forms from constant experimentation on the planet life. To not only expand their scientific endeavors but find a new home the Tyskos created the Arc in search of a new home.

Life aboard the ship is mostly grungy with hailing frequencies left on repeat to daily ship tasks, everyone has a tight and monitored schedule, rules are tight aboard the arc with a strict system of dos and do nots with certain roles given to certain people for maintenance for the ship.

The Higher maintenance the higher the status aboard the ship smaller subs ships are also sent out for trade like the Grade C Hizon with a purple tinge to it and four large turbine like engine in the back it’s general purpose is a merchant class vessel as the Tyskos have no dedicated military ships. Most of the larger merchant or Science vessels have at least one green house for plants since Tyskos are mainly vegetarian due to how the oils in their body consume certain substances. Ships like the Grade C normally have a passenger shuttle for moving groups of scientists or diplomats from or too a planets or ships surface.

The Tyskos are blob like yet still take a humanoid like shape due to their evolution, their brains are visible from outside their thick gelatinous shapes. They often wear tank like suits of clothing to encase their gelatinous shapes.

The Tyskos mission is to find if other Tyskos had survived out on other far off planets , so far nothing has been found. Though the mission still continues with the eventual hopes of finding a new home and finding there brother and sisters far off amongst the stars

Road Map

April 2022 - Episode 1: The Great Escape - Launching

Sync Status: Lost...
Environmental Scan: Critical...

Vital Scan:
No Response...
No Response...
No Response...

Survivor Count: 1,777...

April 2023 - Episode 2:The Driblets

The environment on the Tyskos is destroyed by a catastrophic scientific failure. The Tyskos had to leave their mother planet and seek for a new home. The toxic environment raised a new slimy creature named the Driblet. The Driblet devour everything they encounter, sometimes even another Driblet...

September 2023 - Episode 3:Breaking New Discoveries

As the Tyskosians wondering in the planetverse, they have discovered a new creature on a gas planet. What is unique about these creatures is that, they are evolving in an unimaginable rate. Their DNA is far more complex than that of the Tyskosians. Each time they breed new borns, the new borns are advanced into a more advanced and rare generation. The Tyskos are sending an expedition team for further researches and hoping that they can breed such creatures.

April 2024 - The Final Episode: The Eternal Rivalry

There is one mysterious planet, wandering near the Tyskos, that has lost in a war against the Tyskosians because of a huge technology gap. There are rumors that they have recently discovered a new technology allowing them to become a much more powerful mutant form. They are prepared for an act of revenge...

To be annouced - Season 2:

We will be listening closely to the community and the market. After the projects mentioned above, we will soon release our second road map detailing plans in the foreseeable future. Get ready for a planetary metaverse where you can design your own planet and launch your own NFTs!



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What is Planetverse?

The Planetverse is a parallel universe populated with numerous mysterious creatures. Some of them are humanoids with great intelligence, some of them are zergling creatures operated under a hive mind and some of them are just intelligence formed by pure electromagnetic pulses prospering in a metaverse.

Why Tyskosians?

The entire story unfolds as the Tyskosians travel through the planetverse. Therefore, Tyskosian is a membership card to our upcoming Planetverse projects! Owners of the Tyskosians will get benefits in future launches.

What is the total supply?

As mentioned earlier, the Tyskos Collection acts as a membership card, so we are only supplying 1,777 Tyskosians, and will not be releasing anymore in the future.

How to get whitelisted?

Whitelist registration is only open at the prelaunch stage. To enter the whitelist, follow our twitter, and look for updates